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Located right outside of Pangburn on HWY 16

Sedan Starting at $240

*price doesn't include Brow or Ceramic

Ceramic Windshield Tint $150

70% & 50%

*70% shown in picture. 

Reduce glare and have better heat rejection. Significantly lowers harmful heat rays such as IR rays *check IR and skin cancer on google for more info

Front 2 legal match starting at $100

*price doesn't include Brow or Ceramic

2 door Sports Starting at $280

*price doesn't include Brow or Ceramic

SUVS full tint starting at $240

this includes tinting the front two windows and the back sides and rear glass. Give your kids more privacy and heat rejection. As pictured 25% fronts 10% rears. For best heat rejection Ceramic.

* Price Doesn't include Ceramic or Brow

$220 Chameleon Ceramic Tint 

The "chameleon" name reflects the ability to change depending on its surroundings. 

Is This Tint Legal?

Yes!  Most of our tints have a high VLT. Most states ask for 70% for their front windshield.

​*check your local laws 


Single cabs starting $150

Extended Cabs Starting at $180

Crew Cab Trucks Starting at $200


Prices may vary, based on vehicle specific. For Mobile we currently ONLY offer Ceramic. Come in person and save! As a 3rd shift worker myself (at one point in life) I understand Mobile would be best or Pick Up.

** Ask about our shaved edge service 

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